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Almost ALL your needs in one place, following replacement of your tyres, we automatically replace the tubeless valves purely as a safety precaution, if this were to fail at speed, almost instant total deflation would occur, then it is strongly advised to balance the wheels, vibration can be very uncomfortable and transmit wear onto the Shock Absorbers and wheel bearings, this would be carried out on our electronic laser wheel balancing machine, lastly as a final check, we ask if you would like a steering check on the alignment of the four wheels in relation to your vehicle, this would be carried out on our latest state of the art

3D - 4 wheel laser wheel alignment apparatus, computerised software determines the correct Toe In/Out, Castor & Camber angles for ALL Four wheels, these can be easily adjusted by our skilled personnel.

Very often an inspection of your old worn tyres can reveal a great deal of what is actually causing uneven wear, for instance, a feathering of the surface to one side would indicate an alignment fault, the outside edge excessively worn compared to the rest of the tread, especially on the front tyres, can be an indication of one or both of two things, wheels toeing in too far and or power steering  being used when stationary, uneven wavy wear along the length of the tyre would indicate Shock Absorber failure of some degree and or Wheel Bearing failure.

Any or All of these problems can easily be checked & rectified by our skilled personnel.

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